OmegatrixThe Omegatrix is a hypothetical new omnimatrix created jointly by Jack and Starbeard.


The Omegatrix is identical to the Omnitrix, save for the Greek symbol Ω being on the dial instead of the signature hourglass look.


The Omegatrix has the same features as the Omnitrix, except the ability to scan and release mana in varying degrees.


  • Active Mode is the Omegatrix's default mode - the Omegatrix can be used and nothing is wrong.
  • When Ben wants a new DNA sample he activates the DNA or creature source scanner. When a new DNA sample or creature source is acquired, the Omegatrix shows a picture of almost every alien or creature unlocked, plus the new one, if Ben wants that. When Ben wants to add a new DNA sample or creature source, the Omegatrix either pops out and shoots out a green ray from the black and green part or doesn't pop out but circles and then reveals a hole which shoots out the green ray. When in alien form, the Omegatrix shoots out a green ray from the dial.
  • The Omegatrix deactivates, charges, and re-activates. It can turn off/on some features. Reset Mode can be activated by Voice Command or by pressing and holding the Omegatrix symbol as an alien.
  • The Omegatrix shuts down, making it of no use.
  • Radiation Mode is activated when radiation is detected. The Omegatrix will beep and flash red. Radiation Mode is activated whenever high levels of radiation are detected. Radiation Mode can be turned off by turning the Omegatrix symbol to the quarter past position as an alien, or when radiation isn't detected anymore.

Evoluntionary Functions

The Omegatrix has two evolutionary functions:

  • Further DNA sample evolutionary function:
    • The Omegatrix had the ability to evolve aliens into their Omega Form, granting them new powers and new abilities that are more powerful or exponentially more powerful. This was activated by pressing the Omegatrix symbol as an alien, causing six gray spikes to grow.
    • The evolution feature works by placing the evolved form of a species in a simulation, right down to the DNA, for an extended period of time, about a billion years or so, in what is described as a "worst case scenario"; the actual DNA is then simply modified to match the new DNA. This survival of the fittest routine explains why the evolutions are more combat-centered than their normal forms.
  • Mana evolutionary function:
    • Mana is charged and filtered into an alien's DNA for thousands of years, until the DNA has adapted to accommodate it.


  • Due to the unique circumstances surrounding them, Alien X and Diagon have no further forms.