ULTIMATE HEATBLAST: is the evolved form of Heatblast.


Ultimate Heatblast has a bulky volcanic body. His skin is like Heatblast but the stones of his skin is dark blue instead of dark red. He has two volcano-like on his back which emits hot fire. The opening of his mouth looks like a volcanic cave and it is very bright. He has a hole under each one of his feet which emits fire.


Ultimate Heatblast can generate very hot fire which is as hot as Ultimate Swampfire's fire. He can emit it from all parts of his body including his eyes.

Ultimate Heatblast can turn his hands into large cannons which he can shoot lava and volcano from it. He can also shoot lava and volcano from his eyes and mouth.

He is physically very stronger than Four Arms, Humungousaur and some other strong species.

His skin is way harder and more durable than Heatblast's skin. His skin is laser and beam proof and can resist very strong blasts like Ultimate Grey matter's energy beams.

He is clearly immune to all kinds of (heat, fire, lava(volcano), magma, cold and ice), whatever was the temperature and the power of these things.

Ultimate Heatblast can absorb fire even from distances like Heatblast.

Ultimate Heatblast can absorb lava and volcano even from distances.

He can do all what heat blast can do like flying on a rock and all other things.

Ultimate Heatblast don't need to propel himself by shooting fire from his hands to fly. Ultimate Heatblast has now a hole under each one of his feet which emits fire and fly via it. And by shooting larger amounts of fire under his feet, he can fly faster. So he can control his speed.


Ultimate Heatblast's fire is useless against his predator(Ultimate Crabdozer).