ULTIMATE SIX ARMS: He is the evolved form of Four Arms.


He is 18 feets tall. He has a purple skin with a black horn on his head. He has six large arms. He wears black clothes and black gloves.

He wears the Ultimatrix symbol on his chest.


he is exponentially stronger than Four Arms. He is as strong as Ultimate Humungousaur. With his to new arms, he is stronger than Ultimate Humungousaur. He can lift and throw Way Big with ease. He can also create a giant crater in the ground by punching it with 6 hands. He can hold someone/something with 4 hands and throw it to the moon. But with 6 hands, he can hold someone/something and throw it to beyond moon.

He is more agile than Four Arms.

He can shoot a powerful purple energy beam from the horn on his head, and this beam is as powerful as Ultimate Grey matter's energy beams.

He can jump miles even higher than Fourarms

He is now more resistant to heat to a point that he can survive lava and volcanoes without being harmed.

He can create very very powerful and destructive sonic claps by clapping with his six arms. And these sonic claps can destroy anything or any substance in their way.Like A small mountain